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Nursing Professional Group

Nursing Professional Group (NPG) is a registered company (791592 V) incorporated in October 2007. Since then, NPG has conducted 17 public and 4 In house, exciting, comprehensive and highly demanded programs. Our speakers are all experts in their fields and excellent speakers and teachers. With our background and expertise, we are confident to offer consumers quality services with innovative approaches in whatever field we deliver.

Our main focus at the moment is our beloved nursing professionals at various levels. We are starting with clinical updates in various disciplines, e.g. respiratory, gerontology etc. In addition, workshops on soft skills and management in the clinical areas, are some of the ongoing programs.

Learning is a lifelong self directed process and staying up-to-date with knowledge and skills, and staying abreast with current trends are vital. This will not only empower nurses to deliver quality and excellent nursing care, but will also ensure continuous strategies toward professionalism of nursing and quality services in organizations.

Therefore, in order to support these training needs, NPG offers quality and exciting continuing education program which are relevant to practicing nurses in Malaysia. Our courses are designed and conducted by experienced both medical and nursing professional in their specialized fields.

All our courses will be endorsed by Nursing Board of Malaysia for their CPD points.

This educational and professional development provider is owned by nurses, organized and conducted by nurses; as such our motto:

From Nurses, For Nurses


To be the leading nursing entrepreneur in providing nursing training & development.


To achieve the vision, NPG will provide updated nursing programs, professional speakers, and effective services.


Malaysian nurses will continuously be updated on knowledge, skill and attitude in being as Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Managers, Nurse Educators and Nurse Researchers, in meeting the local and global market demand.

Chairman Message

Message from the Chairman

Chairman A Professor Rohani Arshad

A Professor Rohani Arshad

SRN, SCM, Paed. Nursing, Cert. In Clinical Teaching,

Advanced Diploma in Nsg. Administration

MSc in Nursing Education.

PhD candidate(Edu)

Welcome to our Web Page

Our vision is to be the leading nursing entrepreneur in Malaysia. Thus the birth of this registered nursing company: NURSING PROFESSIONAL GROUP Sdn. Bhd. by a group of nurses. We want to encourage a new generation of nurses: entrepreneurial nurses. An entrepreneur is described as: 'one who organizes, promotes and manages risks for an activity' (Merriam, 2003). Entrepreneurs always look and create something new, something different. In this sense, nursing entrepreneurship cannot refer to nurses who simply continue to provide the same services (a ritual?) year in and year out. Thus our first objective: to update nurses with current knowledge and skills.

Entrepreneurship comes naturally to nurses because every day they assess, manage and make decisions about the risks to someone's wellbeing. They organize health care, promote patient realizations of optimum levels of wellness. Being an entrepreneur means nurses take the initiative, creating and implementing new ideas on every occasion, at every time, always recognizing that this client is different from the last client and needs something new, something different that will ensure quality and safe care. These are the characteristics similar to that of entrepreneurs. Therefore through knowledge and experiences, nurses do make the best, reliable and successful entrepreneurs. Thus our second objectives: to prepare nurses for their future challenging roles.

Mericle (2004) claims that an entrepreneur is 'the person who organises, operates and assumes the risk for business adventure'. Thus, NPG as a business adventure focuses its’ main social responsibilities to the nurses, therefore our motto: From Nurses, For Nurses. We call upon nurses not only to be the frequent receiver of our programs but also to be the frequent and active provider in these programs. Share your expertise: the recent knowledge, updated skills with evident base resources for your very own community; NURSES.

We need to fundamentally transform and enhance the learning culture among nurses to that of a lifelong learning culture. Thus, our third objectives: to recognize and expose the nursing experts in enhancing the nurses’ developments in cognitive, psycho motor and affective domains.

If nurses are to uphold the image of being the heart, brain and backbone of the health services, we need these knowledgeable, skillful, proactive and professional nurses (nurse practitioners, nurse managers, nurse educators and nurse researchers) who are not only responsible, accountable but also close to any health organization’s important clients, our clients.

Join us.We care.

Thank you.

Workshop & Training

Workshop & Training

We organize workshop & training throughout Malaysia. Nurses have benefited from these workshop & training with up-to-date nursing trends, knowledges and skills. These programs are a great way to share your expertise and insights with nurses from other organizations and industries.

In-house Programs

We provide a wide range of in-house courses, all of which can be tailored to meet your requirements. Or, you can choose to have a bespoke course designed to meet the specific requirements of your needs.

We can deliver courses at your place or any other location of your choice. You can choose the delivery method; for example, you may want traditional classroom training, or you may prefer a case study workshop.

In-house programs will be cost effective to you if you have 40 or more participants. Please provide us the information below if you are interested:

  • Number of participants
  • Topic of the in-house programs
  • What is your expectation
  • Your contact number

For more information please visit us at:

You can contact us by phone : (6012) 345 8165 or send an email to: info@nursingprofessionalgroup.com